Parallel Sessions

A. Healthcare Reform
B. Financing and Management
C. Healthcare Delivery
D. Education and Training
E. Community-Based Programmes
(coffee and tea served from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm)

2:15 pm  -  5:30 pm
PolyU Hung Hom Bay Campus

A. Healthcare Reform (UG06)

(Chairs: Prof. Lee Ngok / Dr Artie Ng)


A01 New Theory and Method of Big Data Management for 21c Super-super Aged Society in Asia

Prof. Toshihiko Hasegawa


The Comprehensive Cost of Illness in Super-aged Society

Dr Kunichika Matsumoto, Dr Yinhui Wu, Prof. Tomonori Hasegawa


A02 Interrogating the Conditions for the Political Collaboration between the State and the Medical Profession: The Case of Hong Kong

Dr Alex Wo-shun Chan


A03 Public Private Partnership: Comments on Projects’ Success and Failure

Dr Sammy Sou


A04 Challenges in Implementing Public Private Partnership in Health Sector in Indonesia

Mr Erwin Sondang Siagian


A05 Shared Economy and Health Services: Implications for Hong Kong and United Kingdom

Dr Fowie Ng, Prof. Graeme Smith


A06 Developing the Right Public Private Partnership in China’s Elderly Healthcare Industry

Dr Sam Yu


A07 Introducing Universal Healthcare Voucher in Hong Kong: Is It Feasible?

Mr Eddy K. H. Tang, Mr Bing H. F. Wong, Miss Iris H.Y. Siu, Miss Erica W. Y. So



B. Financing and Management (UG05)

 (Chairs: Dr Fowie Ng / Dr Tiffany Leung)


B01 Health and Sustainability: A Missing Link in Corporate Sustainability Reports?

Dr Artie W. Ng, Dr Tiffany C. H. Leung


B02 Procurement Management in the Private Elderly Home

Mr Yui-yip Lau, Dr Wang-kin Chiu, Dr Gabriel Hoi-huen Chan


B03 Health Care Financing for the Elderly in China: Evolution, Problems, and Responses

Dr Sabrina Ching-yuen Luk


B04 Electronic Health Records in Chinese Medicine and Integrative Medicine: Experience in China, Hong Kong, United States of America, Canada, Australia

Dr Wilfred Lin


B05 Managing a Cybersecurity Risk in the Medical Devices Industry

Dr Maria Lai-ling Lam, Dr Kei-wing Wong


B06 Relationships between Healthcare Analytic Capability, Hospital Quality Management and Service Quality Performance

Dr Man-fung Lo, Dr Mei-lan Peggy Ng , Dr Tiffany, C. H. Leung


B07 Investigation of Hong Kong Government Measures for the Elderly on Medical Benefits

Miss Angela Hei-kai Chan



C. Healthcare Delivery (UG04)

(Chairs: Prof. Peter Fong / Dr Vincent Law)


C01 Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture in Yunnan Province from Western China

Dr Yinghui Wu et al.


C02 Making Learning and Development a Strategic Endeavour

Dr Florence H. C. Ho, Ms Dolly W. Y. Leung, Mr Philip K. S. Lo


C03 Medico-legal Risks in Practicing Telemedicine: Opportunities and Limitations

Dr Kar-wai Tong


C04 A Comparison of Structural and Tensile Performance of Kinesiology Tapes

Miss Ho-yi Fung, Dr Kit-lun Yick, Dr Sun-pui Ng


C05 First-aid Bicycle Service in Cycling Tracks: A Cost-effective Way in Providing Emergency Medical Services

Dr. K. K. Chan


C06 Special Schools and Residential Care Services for Special Learning Disabilities

Miss Kayla Yuen-shun Chow



D. Education and Training (UG03)

(Chairs: Prof. Hanqin Qiu / Dr Simon Cheung)


D01 Auxiliary Medical Service Formula E Circuit Medical Service: Recruitment, Training and Deployment of Professional Volunteers

Dr Kin-kwan Lam, Ms Winifred Wing-yan Ng, Mr Ting-leung Lau


D02 Healthcare Training by Virtual Reality Technology – Experience in Hong Kong Formula E 2016

Mr Gary Tsz-hang Tsang


D03 Breaking the Digital Divide for the Elderly through Service Learning and Data Analytics: A Proposal

Dr Adam K. L. Wong, Dr Jack H. C. Wu, Dr Kelvin M. F. Lo


D04 Experience of a New Undergraduate Top-Up Degree in Healthcare

Dr Ben Y. F. Fong


D05 Telemedicine in Hong Kong

Dr Daniel Tong, Dr Wilson Chi-pun Fung


D06 Designing a Competency-based Undergraduate Health Services Management Programme in Hong Kong in a Rapidly Aging Context

Dr Simon T. Y. Cheung



E. Community-Based Programmes (UG09)

(Chairs: Prof. Albert Lee / Dr Eric Woo)


E01 Current Evidence & Knowledge in ACL Injury Prevention Programme for Community Action

Mr Joseph Chun-cheong Ma


E02 “First Aid Post” as a Healthcare Delivery Model: the Gatekeeper of the Rural Area in Hong Kong

Dr L. H. Leung


E03 Visiting Pharmacist and Multi-Dose Medication Management Service Model in Residential Care Homes for the Elderly: A Case Study in Hong Kong

Ms Sau-chu Chiang, Dr Daisy Lee, Mr Gary Chong


E04 Ving Tsun Martial Art Training for Middle-aged Adults: An Exploratory Study

Dr Shirley S. M. Fong


E05 Effectiveness of Campaign in Hong Kong

Miss Alison Wing-lam Wan


E06 Promotion of Weight Control in Hong Kong

Mr Paco Pak-yin Shum